A Digital Innovation & Experience Agency in Reading (UK) and The Hague (NL).

Who we are

Our Story

WORTH is a digital innovation & services agency based in Reading, UK and The Hague, the Netherlands.

Our history and development as a company can be traced through our diverse portfolio. This has been developed over 15 years in the business, and reflecting a constantly increasing depth of skill, and variety in digital service offer. This is a result of working alongside clients in both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, principally as a strategic digital change partner.

We take on our clients' unique challenges by applying technical knowledge, open source capabilities, and insight, to transform operational processes and advance business ambitions. We are consistently inspired by the possibilities our customers present and, by ever-endeavouring to explore more, to produce measurable results and make lasting impact.

Our Partnerships

Enabling Change
Through Technology

  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Java

  • React

  • Vue JS

  • Angular

  • Liferay

  • Orbeon

  • Drupal

  • Openshift

Why we do it

Our Mission

We work alongside businesses and organisations of all sizes to strategise and develop digital products and services that inspire ground-breaking change, both in business operation and service offer. By building bespoke projects tailored to unique requirements, and mentoring client teams in skill development and operational support, we ensure transformational, lasting results, all the while building an enduring relationship with our clients. This is the trademark of the WORTH approach, established in the very foundation of the company.

our explorers

Our Coders &
our thinkers

Adam Software Engineer
Adriana Scrum Master
Aimar DevOps Engineer
Alex Technical Lead
Allan Software Engineer
Andrea Software Engineer
Annemiek Implementation Consultant
Anthony Business Development UK
Arien Sr. Software Engineer
Armijn UX Designer
Bram Sr. Software Engineer
Brent Sr. Frontend Developer
Bryan Security Specialist
Cesar Software Engineer
Chris Frontend Developer
Christos Frontend Developer
Courtney Office Manager / Executive Assistant UK
Cristian DevOps Engineer
Dave IT Support Engineer
Duane IT Support Engineer
Elliot Frontend Developer
Elvis Sr. Frontend Developer
Erik Scrum Master
Ernout CEO
Fabio Software Engineer
Fahad Tester
Femi Software Engineer
Geertje Scrum Master
Gerald Sr. Software Engineer
Gerben Head of Finance
Hein-Carl Tester
Ian Tester
Ian Technical Lead
Javier Tester
Jessica Head of Creative Services
Jorik Scrum Master
Jose Software Engineer
Joukje In-house Recruiter NL
Kees-Jan Technical Lead
Kholoud Tester
Kieran Software Engineer
Lee Business Development UK
Liesbeth Interim Head of HR
Lisa Frontend Developer
Liz Sr. Account Manager
Loukas Software Engineer
Marc Scrum Master
Marco DevOps Engineer
Marian Head of Delivery
Marjolein UX Designer
Marjolein Interim Recruiter
Mark CEO
Matei Software Engineer
Melissa Marketing Coordinator
Melissa Finance Assistant
Meriç Tester
Miguel Scrum Master
Nathan Frontend Developer
Nelleke Relationship Manager / Executive Assistant NL
Olga Software Engineer
Philip UX Designer
Pier Software Engineer
Raashid Software Engineer
Ramon Tester
Ricardo Software Engineer
Rigoberto Software Engineer
Rodger Business Development NL
Rodrigo Frontend Developer
Rogier Head of Software Engineering
Roxana Tester
Sander UX Designer
Shannon Communications Coordinator
Sotiria Software Engineer
Susan Office Manager NL
Susan HR Assistant
Tanya Software Engineer
Varun UX Designer
Wieteke UX Designer
Wouter Head of HR
Wouter Security Specialist
Xandra Interim Recruiter
Yolanda Scrum Master
Zsolt DevOps Engineer