Meet Kiritin Norath, our new Scrum Master.

Did you know the name Kiritin means "crowned" in Sanskrit? A passion for Asian languages runs on both sides of Kiritin's family, as her Dutch grandfather was a professor of Asian languages and her father comes from the small South East Asian country, Laos.

However, this intrepid explorer grew up in Australia. Aside from surviving many years of deadly spiders, snakes and sharks, she also studied design and eventually moved to Laos to work at a design company. Her role there was very similar to a Scrum Master, her current position at Worth.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when coming to Worth. IT is a world I never thought I'd be part of, but I'm happy to have ended up here. I really enjoy the cultural diversity at Worth. Culture and food have always been a huge part of my identity and remain my greatest passions in life. I only hope I can add a Worth-while ingredient to this mix!

We are so pleased to have Kiritin in the Fampany and look forward to new adventures. Welcome onboard Kiritin!