Holland decides the future of research

Social platform enables the National Science agenda

About the project

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) hosts a national initiative to involve the public in the Dutch Research Agenda for the next ten years. To support this initiative, we built a solution that enabled around 7,500 people to submit 11,700 suggestions online to a structured database. We built the complete solution from concept to launch on a popular national TV show in just three weeks. The usability and robustness of the system proved critical. Although traffic levels peaked over the four-week period, we received less than twenty support requests throughout the process.


  • Enable contributors to register and submit questions quickly and easily
  • Provide a robust, scalable solution to cope with high traffic levels
  • Ensure high levels of security and usability
  • Allow contributors to share questions on social media
  • Capture data in a form that would allow easy analysis
  • Design and deliver a new product in a short timescale


  • Successful collaboration with the Dutch Research Agenda
  • Enabled the Research Agenda to meet objective of mass public involvement in the science agenda
  • Provided a fast, easy user experience for thousands of contributors
  • Delivered a robust interactive solution scalable to peak traffic levels
  • Structured database simplified validation and clustering of thousands of questions
The solution designed and delivered by Worth helped make our plans for a National Science Agenda a practical reality by allowing thousands of people to participate.Prof. Dr. AHG Rinnooy Kan, Chairman at the National Science Agenda

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