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Are you solving the right problem? Bring the right people together, validate assumptions and move forward with clarity and direction.

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worth overcoming

  • A fragmented user journey

    We take a holistic view of your service achitecture to identify opportunities, gaps and process efficiencies.

  • Keeping up with your customer's everchanging needs

    Research is ongoing, to ensure that we have an accurate view of your customers needs, painpoints, expectations and behaviours.

  • External and internal stakeholder are misaligned

    We’re able to align priorities and understanding, through facilitation, convergent activities and synthesised artefacts.

  • Spending your time solving the wrong problem

    Framing problems before solution exploration, by using multidisplinary perspectives to understand cause and effect.

  • Investing in technology that doesn't solve the problem

    We have consciously decided not to partner with solution vendors to ensure we can partner with our clients and provide the right technology.

  • Implementing solutions that are not validated

    We form hypotheses and run experiments by measuring the intended value of solutions prior to build - through prototypes and proof of concepts.

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Ways we can
help you

Problem definition

If you see a problem, but are unsure about its source, this remote workshop will help you define the problem with your unique context in mind.

  • Type: remote workshop
  • Duration: 3 hours
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Proposition workshop

You’ve got a great idea that will absolutely work? We use our proposition workshop to challenge and improve your idea.

  • Type: inhouse
  • Duration: 1 day
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Digital experience audit

A series of remote workshop and inhouse work to map out your existing digital experience from an outside in perspective to identify quick wins.

  • Type: inhouse
  • Duration: 3-5 days
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