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Key takeaways for tech start-ups

Start-up founders face a number of common challenges. 


Are you a growing business and you need to organise and scale-up your digital delivery? Read about the key takeaways in our latest whitepaper.


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A guide to organising your IT delivery

The aim of this paper is to offer you some suggestions and fresh ways of thinking.


A discussion around some key ingredients that will make your IT delivery simpler, faster, more agile, and better prepared for change.


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Future scenarios Rotterdam Business 

Worth collaborated with a group of Master students from Rotterdam Business School to explore future technologies.


The master students investigated key factors of success in these industries and created future scenarios based on their own creativity.

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A guide to

performance testing

In this guide, we describe the dynamics at work inside a project that allows software performance to degrade.


We also address how to compensate for them and describe a simple framework for doing performance testing.



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