Evolve & adapt

Unlock your potential. When everything around you is constantly changing but your organisation seems inflexible and slow to respond.

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Evolve &

  • Organisational goals are no longer aligned

    Moving fast requires everyone to be heading in the same direction with a clear understanding of the outcome.

  • Decision making is slow

    If you employ intelligent people, give them autonomy, let them solve problems and surprise you.

  • Customers are not visible

    If customers and their feedback are not the priority, what is?

  • You are always reacting

    Caught in a cycle of trying to keep up while others seem to leap forward and stay ahead. Establish faster feedback loops.

  • Outputs are the measure of success

    Success is measured by outputs and velocity but value is not well understood. Understand what makes the difference.

  • All change, all change

    There are no single models that fit across the whole organisation. Choose the right tools for the job.

Think big, start small

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WORTH provides comprehensive design, development and delivery services, here are some ways to start a conversation:

Agile leadership introduction

The core from which to grow. Learn the foundations of multi-disciplinary teams and scaling successfully.

  • Type: Lunch & Learn
  • Duration: 1 hour
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Capability audit

Understand the benefits of more focused, aligned and productive teams. Learn the basics to get you there.

  • Type: remote workshop
  • Duration: 3 hours
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Setting up for success

Baseline review, understand what is holding you back and outline a plan for progress unique to your situation.

  • Type: inhouse
  • Duration: 3-5 days
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