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September 24, 2019

Shannon ‐ Communications Coordinator

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Here's an interview with Kieran Hester, one of our Software Engineers based in Reading, UK.

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Name: Kieran Hester

Job title: Software Engineer

Known for: Always talks about Love Island

Challenges of this role:

  • Make a large contribution to the technical design, testing, implementation and delivery of innovative web applications.
  • Be in close contact with our customers throughout the development process.
  • Share knowledge with other team members and offer support when needed.

1. How would you describe what you do at WORTH in one sentence?

I create technical solutions for problems.

2. What did you study, and why?

I started studying Mathematics at Keele University, because I’ve always had a keen interest in maths. Ever since I was young, I’ve been really good at it. It wasn’t until I got to University where I realised, maths is actually really hard! Realising maths wasnt for me, I needed to decide what to study next.

School wise, I have only been good at two things: maths and computing. Therefore, my options were limited. Luckily for me, I really enjoy computing. My dad had got me into it at a young age. When I was a lot younger, my dad and I used to watch this show called 'Robot Wars', and I remember collecting the magazines with him to build our own basic robot at home. It was pretty basic, it had a sensor on the front which used to follow a light, but it was pretty cool. My dad also used to take me round to grandad's to constantly fix his computer. This way, I learned how to work with computers. I used to pop around to help out, and my granddad would give me money which I most likely spent on food.

Therefore, I changed course to computing and had an amazing three years.

3. What three words would you use to describe WORTH?

Exciting, Nerdy, and Challenging.

4. What do you enjoy most about working at WORTH - and which project in particular?

My favourite thing about working at WORTH would have to be Fridays. The mood in the office is really calm and the biggest problem we have, is deciding where to go for lunch. However, this normally follows the same pattern of us standing around shrugging our shoulders saying we don’t mind where to go and then getting a burger.

6. What is your proudest moment at WORTH?

In the project that I am currently working on, we had some issues with an external server. It used to go down what felt like every day, and when this happened we got a load of production bugs which were a nightmare to fix. I managed to come up with a solution to this, that got deployed to production. Knowing that I would never have to fix any of those production issues again, that was definitely my proudest moment.

7. Fun fact about you: what is the best food you ever had?

Pippin Doughnuts in Swindon. Once a month, these donuts get delivered to the office. You have to start queuing at 8 o’clock, and even then, you are lucky to get some. They do so many flavours and they are covered in sugar. The record of eating doughnuts in the office is seven in a day by Luke Harper, a WORTH contractor.

8. Bonus question, as one member of WORTH's Digital Development Zoo: if you were an animal, what would you be?

I would have to say panda for this one. Me and pandas have a lot in common: we both have to eat about 30KG of food each day to survive.

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