Top 5 reasons why you want to work in The Hague

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May 16, 2019

Thinking about working abroad? Or about working in another city in the Netherlands? Or maybe you're thinking of moving your business elsewhere? Then I have one more question for you: Have you thought about The Hague? The Dutch WORTH office has been in The Hague for over 15 years. Here are 5 reasons why we are happy we work in The Hague!

1. Work in The Hague: Ideal location

To begin with, The Hague is ideally located in the Netherlands. Being 50 minutes away from Amsterdam, 20 minutes from Rotterdam and right next to Scheveningen beach, I would argue The Hague is the perfect place in the "randstad" of the Netherlands to look for your next job.

In addition to that, The Hague is very easy to reach. There are five train stations throughout The Hague (Den Haag Centraal, Den Haag HS and Den Haag Laan van LOI, Moerwijk and Den Haag Mariahoeve), a metro, tram, and busnetwork, but also bikes for rent, taxis and Uber.

The-Hague-location-in-the-Netherlands Location of The Hague in the Netherlands

2. Work in The Hague: Political heart

Thought the Binnenhof with the Hofvijver is just a pretty sight? Actually, the Binnenhof is actually the political heart of the Netherlands. Bonus, it is located right in the centre of The Hague!


This means that, if you work in The Hague for a business that works in collaboration with the government, like WORTH, you are always close to your client.

3. Work in the Dutch tech hub

The Hague is not only located close to large cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are also only a stone throw away from Delft, where the University of Technology Delft is located.

Laan van NOI Basically, you could divide the The Hague tech hub in two physical locations. One around Laan van NOI, where you can find The Hague Tech , The Hague Humanity Hub , and The Hague Business Agency

Den-Haag-Laan-van-NOI-The-Hague-Tech-1024x572 Offices around Den Haag Laan van NOI

Binckhorst Secondly, we have the Binckhorst In the Binckhorst there are three main tech hubs. The first one being Bink36, where you will find ample tech companies, the second one is Apollo14, where for instance ImpactCity resides in, and of course the Caballero Fabriek, where WORTH is at.

Caballero-Fabriek-WORTH The WORTH office can be found inside the Caballero Fabriek

4. We have our own airport

By train, Schiphol Airport is only half an hour away from The Hague. However, The Hague also has its own airport, shared with the city of Rotterdam. Half an hour to the south of The Hague you can find Rotterdam-The Hague airport. With its small size, it is the ideal start of your business trip. Going through customs takes a significantly shorter amount of time compared to Schiphol, saving time and trouble.


5. Tight Tech Community

Last but not least, The Hague has a tight tech community. With The Hague Tech at the centre of it, a lot of The Hague's techies get together for local events, drinks, international conferences and meetups every once in a while.


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