How we have built our new agile workspace


July 27, 2020

Shannon ‐ Communications Coordinator

"An agile workspace: a space in which people have the option to choose how and where they want to work within that workspace."

For WORTH, an agile workspace means a space our employees love to be at. We want them to be happy, feel welcome, inspired and motivated.

GV 5419-Pano

Curious to find out how we have built this workspace? Keep on reading!

1.We match the workspace to our way of working

The aim for WORTH's new office was for the building to match our company culture and the way we work. At WORTH, everything revolves around our multidisciplinary teams, our employees in general, and our customers.

When an office is traditionally furnished with silos, it's very difficult to work in a multidisciplinary manner. In our previous workspace at the Caballero Factory, we had an open-plan office. Even though we loved this place a lot, it was difficult to have real team space because we had lots of different people in the same space at the same time.

Our development teams have daily stand-ups, which obviously creates some noise. To avoid disturbing other employees working in the same semi-open space, we have created project zones in our new office. These project zones will enable the development teams to have their stand-ups without bothering anyone else. In addition, we have acoustic ceilings, meeting rooms and phone booths to minimize the noise.

In short, we want our scrum teams to have everything they could possibly need. This includes meeting rooms, scrum boards, white boards, displays, and everything else.

Meeting room worth internet systems One of the many meeting rooms in the office

2.We motivate flexibility

Flexibility is key. We make sure that when necessary, we always have extra desks for external people to work at. We have also designed our meeting rooms taken into account that more space might be necessary at times.

For us, the connection to the outside world is very important. In an agile workspace, there will always be stakeholders, users, clients, suppliers and other external people visiting us. We make sure to facilitate their presence in our office the best possible way we can by providing them with a comfortable place to work at.

Touchdown area worth internet systems Touchdown area on the first floor

We also want to motivate spontaneous meetings between people. Therefore, we have turned our ground-floor area into a social meeting spot. There is a restaurant, a bar, and plenty of tables and chairs for people to sit and meet each other at. This means that people are not tied to having to book a meeting room in order to have a meeting. In our office, it's possible to sit down and chat with whomever, whenever and wherever you want.

Bar worth internet systems The bar on the ground-floor

3.We include our team members

Before deciding how to renovate/build/improve our new workspace, we asked all Worthies and even some of our customers for their input. We created focus groups in which we gave everybody a chance to contribute to the process. This resulted in focus groups brainstorming about for example our new kitchen, IOT in the new office, and much more. This way, we were able to design our new workspace together with our employees and customers.

team members worth internet systems Team members brainstorming multiple elements for the office

4.We provide agile necessities

Within an agile workspace, certain tools/resources/spaces are necessary. We make sure to provide all of these things:

  • Quiet zones (phone booths)
  • Tools: displays, scrum boards, conferencing equipment, white boards
  • Semi open-plan (to motivate an open culture while at the same time respecting each others peace and space)
  • Touchdown area’s (to accommodate workers who may visit the office less frequently and for a short duration)

Ground floor worth internet systems Touchdown area on the ground floor

5. We make decisions based on our goals

When making decisions for our new office, we keep certain goals in mind. With these goals, we aim to:

  • Spark creativity
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase happiness
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Remove barriers
  • Motivate all kinds of collaborating

Want to find out more about how we have changed our builing into an agile, IoT optimised and circular renovated workspace? Stay tuned!

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