Introducing our new NL sales rep, Tom Reemer!


May 18, 2018

WORTH is very pleased to announce our new NL Salesperson, Tom Reemer. Originally from Haarlem, Tom’s a happily married family man, with a software background that reaches way back. He has several unique passions--one of which is ballroom dance. As you can see, he’s quite agile, so he’s right at home on our eclectic, ever-expanding team of digital explorers.

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We sat down with Tom to get to know him a little better.

Here’s the scoop:

How would you describe what you do at Worth in one sentence?

Sales and new business development: cold calling; getting through to a new customer, as opposed to maintaining existing relations. Companies don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. Trust is important. First of all, I have to sell myself. If the client trusts me, then I can sell WORTH. If the client trusts WORTH, they feel comfortable sharing their pain points, and I can find a way to help. I don’t do this by only calling once and leaving it at that, I am consistent.

What did you study, and why?

Electronics. But I never did anything with it. I was seven when I developed the interest, blowing fuses in the house, etc. My dad wasn’t too happy with me. In school, I was very interested in computers as they were developing… got into programming, calculators and things. I bought myself one of the first Apple computers. I even brought it into school to show them what I was doing. After I finished school, I had two choices: to go on in my studies, or to join the army. So I joined the army. It was 14 months of real fun; a big party. It was also very technical. I worked in communications, with lots of antennas and cables, and lots of other stuff. When I finished that, I had a lot of job interviews and got a job as a programmer right on the street I lived on. Once that happened, I didn’t feel the need to go school. Why go to school when you can do what you want to do without it? I worked full time as a programmer for 10 years, C++, MS Windows, Linux - this was for a newspaper company. I was highly involved in the advertising department of the newspapers.

What three words would you use to describe Worth?

High-tech; friendly; pragmatic.

What excites you most about working at Worth?

The open door mentality, the level of the technology, and learning from my colleagues.

What are you most proud of?

My accomplishments in ballroom dancing: I was a finalist in the Dutch Open. It’s like being in a battle, but with style.

Last one: if you were an animal, what would you be?

A cheetah. They’re fast, not big and bulky like lions. I like cats, even more than I like dogs. The way they attack is patient; they keep a low profile for a while before they pounce. That’s the way I think: the competition is on before the battle begins.

Welcome to the fampany, Tom! We're pleased to have someone with such energy and enthusiasm on board.