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Test Automation with CodeceptJS


Most people are lazy, and testers are no exception. It’s one of the main reasons automated end to end and regression tests exist. There are dozens of different automation tools in every thinkable programming language (however… I would pay to see someone create a proof of concept end-to-end test in Fortran). So, which one do you pick? In this blog I will make a case for CodeceptJS and offer a short introduction.

Design, User Experience

Under the microscope: user testing mobile menus


When using a website menu on a mobile device, how exactly does the user get to a landing page? Click on the heading? The chevron icon? Do you need an extra menu item for the landing page? Simple questions, banal even, but as a jobbing designer we have to resolve them one way or another. The best way to trash your projects’ usability is to not consider the little things as you go along.

Gamification, User Experience Design

Engaging people with game elements and mechanics


As a User Experience Designer, one of my main tasks is to make it easy for users to achieve their goals and perform their tasks using the service we create. We summarise this as “having a good experience” while using the application, the service, and preferably throughout all interactions a person has with a product or service. However, this is not always enough to keep people engaged or motivate them. Gamification can enhance experience to improve motivation and engagement.