WORTH Scrum Master Marian Maas dispels all fears in her Liferay Digital Solutions Forum Roundtable.


November 7, 2017

Marian ‐ Head of Delivery

Worth is attending Liferay's Digital Solutions Forum in London on November 8th (Hilton London Tower Bridge), and Scrum Master Marian Maas is there to answer all your questions about agile delivery in a government context.

Agile is fundamental to all projects we undertake, and Marian understands this better than most. Key features of Worth’s agile delivery approach include: solving the right problem and achieving business value in the development of the minimal viable product, we implement "three amigos" to quickly review and refine specifications; reviews to minimise technical debt and resolve quickly; continuous improvement driven by the team through retrospectives; continuous user involvement; and user testing. All of this drives the iterative development of a user-focused product.

In her roundtable, Marian will walk through four key themes that influence the delivery of agile projects in government settings, namely: Inclusion; Security; Scrum; Testing.

Theme 1: Inclusion

  • Involve the customer in the team
  • Involve the end-user to gain assurance that what is built is precisely what is needed

Theme 2: Security

  • Approach to security in project management alongside development
  • Approach to addressing the pre-existing landscape
  • Approach to integrating legacy systems
  • Approach to risks, fixes and external audits

Theme 3: Scrum

  • Approach to iteration: sharing the results of every development sprint with the client
  • Approach to involving the customer in daily standups
  • Approach to Product Owners
  • Approach to Product Backlog
  • Approach to education

Theme 4: Testing

  • Approach to user and security testing
  • Approach to automation after Liferay set-up

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