By using the latest continuous development and deployment techniques, we can deliver a fully functional service for a closed beta launch or a full public launch. Cloud infrastructure, container technology and automation accelerate the deployment process. And, our DevOps teams collaborate with the project team to deliver a service that is the same live as it was in development.

The DevOps process makes it easy to respond quickly to change. By releasing daily or weekly, instead of monthly, we can make changes quickly and reduce the risk of later major rework. Deployment is no longer a major event.

We also focus on key performance and security measures to ensure the service is reliable, easy to use, secure and scalable.

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Cloud hosting

To increase flexibility, we host many of our services in the cloud. That makes it possible to autoscale the service in line with demand and simplify capacity planning. The hosted service is fully managed and continuously monitored to maintain availability. On cloud services its easier to incorporate things like failover and redundancy, which used to be difficult to achieve.

Continuous deployment

We use the latest tools to automate and accelerate deployment. Docker and other container technologies make it possible to move services and applications between different environments without the need for manual setup. Automation techniques enable the team to test and deploy continuously. Automation also make the process predictable, repeatable and easy to document.


If the project demands it, we carry out stringent security testing and external audits in line with international standards such as ISO27001, NCSC and OWASP before deploying each release. By incorporating security checks in the continuous testing process, we can monitor security at each stage.

Full stack support

To optimize performance, we assess and support the full stack. If there is a live issue with your digital service, it doesn’t matter if the problem is caused by the operating system, network or application, you want the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Our full-stack support SLAs deliver service availability, not just one part of the puzzle.

Performance management

Our interest in the service doesn’t end with deployment. We measure digital uptake to ensure users are making effective use of the service. We also monitor core metrics on an easy to use dashboard to identify any issues that might impact user satisfaction.

Legacy management

Although the emphasis is on deploying news services and applications, we also support legacy applications. We create a roadmap for their development, together with a comprehensive migration plan, and we integrate them with new and existing services to improve business processes.

Enabling digital transformations

Together, we build amazing digital solutions.