The discovery phase provides a solid foundation for development. Now, we continue the same process of build, test and improve based on user feedback. We use agile techniques and DevOps to evolve the solution quickly and efficiently.

We involve our clients throughout the process because, together, we can engineer amazing digital solutions. With a blended team of designers, developers, clients, suppliers and partners, we create an open, transparent environment characterised by trust, collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Together, we can create solutions that move rapidly from initial meeting to market so that return on investment is quick. And, throughout the iterative process, we maintain an early feedback loop to keep the project focused on planned outcomes.

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Enterprise architecture design

We design services for the cloud using open solutions that support integration with other important business processes and applications. Where possible, we reuse existing open products or modules to save time and costs. The service is designed for easy scalability and compliance with important security standards.

Agile delivery

Agile delivery enables direct communication and puts the product owner in control of the project. Incrementally, we get to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and deliver a working product as soon as possible to your users so they can start to benefit.

Our dedicated scrum masters organise the team, setting targets and maintaining velocity and progress. By refining the project at each stage, we reduce the risk of large-scale changes later in the project.

System integration

During the development process, we ensure that the service can be integrated with other related products and services. Services are rarely used in isolation. For example, they need to integrate with CRM systems for the right client records.

We work with point-to-point or ESB-based architectures that support various open standards for connectivity.

DevOps for continuous delivery

DevOps, the integration of development and operations, reduces time to market and eliminates the problems that occur when development and operations teams work separately. Our cross-functional teams have a culture of shared ownership and responsibility for development, operations, quality and systems integration. Continuous delivery is possible by automating release and deploy cycles during the development stage.

Comprehensive testing

Continuous testing of every aspect of the service ensures the project meets its business, operational and user experience goals. We use a variety of testing to meet the project requirements. These include security testing, performance testing, accessibility testing, and browser compatibility testing. Using automated processes gives the team test results quickly and eliminates the risk of human errors.

User interface development

Because users access the service on different devices and working environments, we use responsive design techniques and mobile-first solutions to ensure consistent performance and a great user experience. Our frontend developers ensure your application supports progressive enhancement and is accessible so that the service can support all users.

Enabling digital transformations

Together, we build amazing digital solutions.