Let’s design a service that is so intuitive, your users will love to use it. And, we’ll prove it works by testing with real users before development starts. We’ll also analyze your IT environment to identify and resolve any technical issue so we are ready for a smooth seamless development and deployment.

The discovery stage is essential. By focusing on user experience and testing, we can achieve massive improvements in project return on investment and achieve business goals. It also eliminates the risk of rework, which can take up to 50 percent of project time. And, a quick proof of concept at this stage ensures the technical plan is sound.

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User research

To create an excellent user experience, we first need to know who your users are. We get to understand their behaviors, needs and motivation through observation, interviews, task analysis and other forms of feedback. We also facilitate discovery workshops to map tasks and journeys with groups of users.

User testing

Now we put our observations to the test. Using wireframes, prototypes or beta version of your digital service, we observe users in our user experience lab and record their feedback. This helps validate our approach and incorporate feedback into the process. User testing is an important tool throughout the product lifecycle, from discovery to beta and deployment.


Continuous testing is essential. By updating the wireframes and creating fully functional, high-fidelity prototypes, we can refine the user experience at an early stage. A prototype is also an excellent communication tool. It lets all users and stakeholders know how the service is being designed. A prototype will trigger the right discussions early in the process when it’s still easy to change the design.

Proof of concept

Will it work? By identifying any technical challenges now, we can reduce projects risks. We test existing infrastructure, look at available API’s and make recommendations. We engineer a small e, proving the plan is sound and achievable. And, we test the concept against any planned integrations.

User interface design

How will it look? Through feedback on user experience, we design an interface that makes navigation quick and easy, on any device. We also relate the interface to your__ brand standards__ and create a frontend style guide to ensure consistency across the service.

Information architecture

Users expect the content in a certain place, so let's put it in that exact place! Also, you may be targeting multiple usergroups with conflicting information needs and priorities. A solid information architecture helps plan with the user's journey in mind from writing to publishing so that your content finds its way to the right reader.

Enabling digital transformations

Together, we build amazing digital solutions.