Threat modeling

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Threat modeling workshop

With data as the most important asset of the online world, cyber security is essential. To ensure the cyber security of your project, there are multiple ways.

One of the ways that has proven to be very effective, is Threat Modeling.
This is a process by which you can identify, prioritize, and resolve threats.
Threats can vary from the technical architecture of the system, to human errors such as social engineering, insider threats, and so on. With Threat Modeling, you identify all possible threats.

This approach ensures that security is built into your project from the start.

WORTH’s Security Experts provide Threat Modeling workshops to teach you how to identify and resolve risks during the design phase.


What you will learn

Data collection:
Firstly, you will gain understanding on the application or system. You will do this by defining your threat actors, assets, entry points, dependencies, & trust levels.

Brainstorming threats:
After the data collection, you will identify threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Having a hacker mindset:
In addition, you will understand how attackers think. This will help you see things from a security point of view.

Analysing threat impact:
Afterwards, you will determine the mitigation strategy for each threat (mitigate, transfer, accept, avoid).


The benefits

For each threat discovered during the workshop, you will define the necessary security controls. Of course you will do this together with the Security Experts. They will help you set up the controls and stay present for assistance afterwards.

To summarize, the workshop will enable you to:

  • Catch problems early: by implementing security while knowing the risks.
  • Prioritise resources: by knowing the risk, security choices can be justified.
  • React continuously: proactive security approach based on relevant threats.
  • Create transparency and consensus: agree on security choices together.


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About the workshop

Good to know


About the workshop

  • One preparation session
    (or multiple if necessary)
  • One Threat Discovery Session
  • One Threat Control Session



  • Costs of the workshop including two Security Experts: €300,00 per hour.
  • Basis Threat Modeling workshop:
    1 hour preparation session + 2x2 hours workshop + 1 hour results delivery:
    6 hours x €300,00 = €1.800,00.
  • A more extensive workshop might be necessary depending on the scope of your project and current situation. Request a quote to receive a personalised offer.
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WORTH's Security Team consists of two Security Specialists: Jorge and Wouter. Both have years of experience of working within Cyber Security.

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