Start-ups & Scale-ups

When you need to launch and scale your product lean and fast.

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Challenges worth overcoming

  • You need to move faster

    Investors require a rapid time to market but you have limited digital capabilities or resources.

  • Wrong or unscalable technology

    Your product is not scalable, flexible, or ready for future growth.

  • You lack a product market fit

    Your assumptions do not match the reality.

  • IT is your blocker

    The growth of your company is blocked by IT.

Lean & agile
product development

Launch quick and start iterating in collaboration with our multidisciplinary product teams consisting of software engineers, UX designers, technical leads, QA engineers, scrum masters, security specialists. Get to a place where you can launch, improve and change your digital services every day.


Grow your team
& business

Together we build scalable and user friendly products that your customers love. We take your team on a journey to improve internal delivery capability and learn new methods and processes.


Keep control of
your technology

We avoid unnecessary complexity and vendor lock-in. You stay in control of the code and own the digital product. We offer flexible and tailored conditions that are start-up friendly.


Our partners
and clients

  • Gimmii

  • Yes Delft

  • Kroodle

  • public results

  • ImpactCity

  • VentureCafe

  • Apollo 14


Think big, start small

Ways we can
help you

1 hour with an expert

Do you have a question about or a problem with one of the following subjects? Talk to an expert: agile development, ux design, security, qa (testing), delivery, infrastructure (cloud), devops, data.

  • Type: videocall
  • Duration: 1 hour
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Technology review

Get insights and advice on your current technology stack and code.

  • Type: remote workshop
  • Duration: 3 hours
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Proof of concept

Within a few days we create a proof of concept for your product. This is an early model of the final product/service. An affordable way to validate the product market fit and quickly weed out inconsistencies in your product’s concept, design & technology.

  • Type: inhouse
  • Duration: 3-5 days
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