Complex web application issues?

Secure WORTH Action Team | SWAT to the rescue!

We fix

Recognise the following problems?

  • Do you have an Angular, React or JQuery bug?
  • Are you looking for an expert in Java or .NET?
  • Are your portal integrations unstable?
  • Do you have performance issues with your platform?
  • Do you have a security risk, question or problem?

Don't wait any longer! The developers from our SWAT team are ready for action to solve your problem rapidly. To help you fix your issue, please fill in the contact form so the SWAT command can contact you 'on the double'.

Solve my problem


We fly in two senior SWAT commando's with the following roles depending on the issue:

  • Quality Assurance Expert: testing, implementation, accessibility, performance
  • Backend Engineer Expert: Spring, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Java or .NET
  • Frontend Engineer Experts: Angular, React, JQuery
  • DevOps: integration and delivery optimisation
  • Security Expert: risk-discovery, pentest, threat modeling


Let us help

Fix your bugs

Complete the contact form

Good to know

  • No cure, no pay!
  • Two SWAT commando’s fly in for 2 days on premise or at WORTH
  • If the issue is not fixed, then the SWAT team will make a proposal for the fix
  • Proposal is without obligation


  • Two Senior WORTH Commando's
  • Two days
  • Eight hours per day per person
  • €150.00 per hour
  • Two full days with two senior WORTH Commando's = €4800 Total (ex. vat & travel expenses)

What the mission looks like

action plan

  • Step 1

    Complete the contact form .

  • Step 4

    Either mission accomplished, or we'll make an offer for a fix (no obligation).

  • Step 2

    WORTH screens the issue and gives you a call.

  • Step 5

    Potential follow up steps.

  • Step 3

    After we get our orders, we'll parachute the SWAT Team in (on premise or at Worth).


Have any questions? Don't hesitiate to send us an email on or give us a call: +31 (0)70 820 0998(NL).