Team as a service

Spare the time and costs of building a team of individuals. Worth delivers fully operational, high performing agile development teams and takes responsibility for the outcome. To create solutions and solve problems together.

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  • Complexity and costs

    It is difficult and time consuming for you to set up a team of individuals.

  • Up- and down scaling

    You need to scale teams up and down responsively as projects progress.

  • Constant search for expertise

    You need to look for the right knowledge and experience each time.

  • No teamwork

    The individuals you use/deploy do not work as a team.

Top-notch digital teams
ready for action

You need a dedicated Agile team that runs your project smoothly, guides your employees and only leaves at the point when your own development team has everything under control.

With more than 100 Strategic leaders, Service Designers, Experience Designers, Software Engineers, Agile Specialists, DevOps, Security, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, and Delivery managers, we will help you reach your goal.


Efficient and responsible

Worth offers highly skilled Scrum development teams that are able to deliver key features or tools to various stakeholders, quickly. This can be done independently or in collaboration with existing Scrum teams which help us to increase velocity. Working as a combined, co-located team combines your domain knowledge with our digital expertise, resulting in better products, shipped faster.

This is how we do that:

  • Domain knowledge
  • Responsibility to all
  • Operation from A to Z
  • No management layers
  • No bureaucracy


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