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Serving customer needs with enhanced in-store experiences

WORTH have collaborated with a popular UK book retailer to develop new concepts in order to transform their in-store customer experience. We have worked alongside the client to think beyond the development in-store scanning application technology to address the discrete needs of different customer segments by analysing customer behaviour, user flows, and technical constraints. This has allowed the retailer to maximise opportunities presented in an already innovative idea, using technology to enhance the in-store experience and increase book sales.


  • Enhancing sales through applied technology

    Through targeted advertising for new releases, price matching, and personalisation

  • Enhancing customer engagement

    Keeping customers in the bookseller's world, by showcasing the depth of book offering (cross-selling)

  • Enhancing in-store experience

    By providing more information (reviews, stock, and recommendations) as well as combining physical store experience with digital experience

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