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3 years

An online platform for 7 Catapult UK Innovation Centres

Catapults are the UK’s physical centres for innovation that help turn great ideas into reality and provide businesses in the UK with easy access to research and development facilities otherwise be out of reach. By removing barriers to commercialisation, they provide access to the necessary technology and expertise, enabling a concept to be scaled up and developed to operate on a commercial scale.

WORTH has been working really hard over the past couple of months preparing the demos and the final sites, applying all the site maps, etc. sent for the workshops. They have worked some very long hours to make sure everything has been ready and I have very much appreciated their dedication to this project.

Tamsin Jones


  • Improving site infrastructure

    Content and structure consistency to enhance cross navigation of Catapult sites

  • Enhancing user experience

    A single login option enables access for all Catapult users

  • Increasing scalability and relevance

    Setting the stage for the further development of an active national innovation network

Mark ‐ CEO

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