Enhancing International Collaboration to Prevent Armed Conflict




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5 years +

Enhancing International Collaboration

Worldwide, there are many organisations working to prevent conflict and support of peaceful initiatives. When these organisations have access to recent, accurate information, they can work more effectively. Developed for the European Centre for Conflict Prevention (ECCP) in partnership with other internatinoal NGO's, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) Peace Portal serves to enable civil society to better communicate on-line and advance their diverse but complimentary objectives.



  • Enhancing communication

    Organisations meet each other on the portal where they share information and actively work in compliment.

  • Increasing flexibility

    The design and layout of each community's digital space is flexible, allowing users to add functionalities easily.

  • Improving organisation and workflow

    The Peace Portal is technically robust, well organised, with easy to access information.

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