Enhancing the patient experience through digital wayfinding




Healthcare, R&D


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LEAN-built digital wayfinding that enhances patient experience and cuts costs

WORTH addressed a challenge that many healthcare providers faced, which was the associated cost of missed appointments at hospital centres, due to administrative inconsistencies such as out of date medical records, and navigation to appointments. By articulating personas, mapping the user's online and physical journey to identify pain points, WORTH developed a digital wayfinding solution factoring the patient administration system to ensure that patients get to their healthcare appointments on time--presenting significant potential savings in an era of budgetary restrictions.



  • Reducing patient stress and anxiety

    Delivering patients to healthcare appointments for treatment, when they need it

  • Reducing healthcare costs

    Missed appointments are reduced, saving healthcare providers' time and resources

  • Engaging users with an easy-to-navigate interface

    Crafting a positive outpatient experience through digital wayfinding

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