Transforming a document-driven process


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs




16 months

A secure online system for registering foreign diplomats and their families

The Diplomatic ePortal is an online system for registering staff members at foreign missions and intergovernmental organisations (such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, Europol and the European Space Agency). The Netherlands hosts more than 100 embassies and 22,000 foreign employees of these organisations. The personal data these individuals provide is transferred to a highly secure internal digital system WORTH built alongside MFA stakeholders, which significantly expedites a formerly paper-based process. The application has radically transformed how the ministry processes diplomat registrations, reducing workload, while improving efficiency.

With the modernisation of the registration system, we have not only transformed the previously paper-based system, but we have also met high-security requirements.

Martijn Elgersma, MFA


  • Designing with users at the core

    Delivering an intuitive and extremely efficient digital service that serves user needs.

  • Improving efficiency for the MFA and their foreign employees

    Replacing all non-digital work processes and services, expediting registration.

  • Meeting high security requirements

    Guaranteeing the privacy of personal data, and enabling secure digital registration worldwide.

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