Improving online learning experiences


University of London


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9 Months

Improving the online learning experience

The University of London's existing web-based portal brought together a wide range of separate systems, scattering student information and complicating the support task. WORTH pushed the development of this Liferay portal further by personalising the user experience. By transforming the user journey, WORTH created a productive working environment, simplifying the process for administrators, and reducing support needs. The portal enhances user experience providing simple and consistent navigation.

WORTH helped us clarify what we really needed; they shifted our whole approach and understanding. We progressed from a website redesign to a workplace solution.

Johnathan Thomas, Head of Learning Technology
UOL mockup


  • Personalising the student portal experience

    Helping students find information they need quickly and easily.

  • Improving facilities for collaboration and interaction

    Creating a greater sense of community amongst students and staff.

  • Streamlining frequently used functions

    Facilitating single sign-on, registration and application processes.

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